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File extension SAV is widely used by a large number of computer games to store SAVed games information. "Savegame" is a snapshot of the game state that user can later restore. It's not uncommon for a game to take 40-60 hours to clear all levels and complete all objectives. Savegames are used to break down this time into shorter gaming sessions. Some parts of the game may be much more difficult to complete than others so before starting such level a savegame is made so that player can restore the game in case of failure.

Some computer games would limit the number of savegames available to the player or allow savegames only at certain moments of the game called checkpoints.

Data in SAV files is specific to the game that created them. Usually these files are stored in the file system catalog that is specific to the game so it is uncommon for one game to try reading savegames from the other. However should this occur (possibly because of files being moved around on disk) this is most likely to cause an application crash because such scenario is rarely implemented by the game designers.

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